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VIDA (LIFE) in Augmented Reality

What does a micro-cellar in les Garrotxes d’Empordà have in common with a digital experience studio in Barcelona?

The lesson. Both show us that LIFE (VIDA in Catalan) is a random series of events and that we can learn from every step we take… if you screw up, make it fast, take the lesson, and move on!

FAIL FAST and MAS VIDA have joined forces to make you play - are you ready to turn life into a party?
A new gamified experience where, a bottle of wine from l’Empordà, will show you in Augmented Reality that all you know about your friends is less than what their own mobile phones know.

Let our attachment to our phones take us through a game - sharing a bottle of wine… and once the wine is over, switch off your devices and enjoy life!