By the hermitage of Mare de Déu de Vida, up in the Puig Corcoll hill, 250 m above the sea level, 1 km away from Cistella, 11 km far from Figueres, the Alt Empordà. A half an hour driving from Olot, 45 minutes from Girona, 1 hour away from Perpignan. Near anyone that wants to oxygenize his brain by the Tramuntana wind with a glass of wine in his hand.

Cistella is a small village in the Alt Empordà, with no more than 290 inhabitants, interesting architecture and cozy spaces; it also has two excellent restaurants. It has an exceptional and privileged surrounding, in the very point where the Empordà plain begins to go up to the Pirineus mountains, by the volcanic zone, in a special area called la Garrotxa d’Empordà.

The Empordà area is a strategic place where romans and greeks introduced their wine and culture into the Península Ibèrica, it has 2500 years of wine history and can be considered as one of the areas with a greatest potential for wine tourism in Europe, a diamond in the rough.

The weather in the Empordà: the Tramuntana is a north wind that can achieve a 120 km/h speed, it cleans the air and assures a healthy vineyard. Vineyards are orientated from north to south in order to let the wind go through them and avoid it to damage the strains. With mild winters and hot summers, our temperature ranges from 14 to 16 degrees. It rains about 800 litres per year, the wind that leads the rain to us uses to come from the east, from the sea, it is called the Llevant.

Free ground (according to USDA textural classification) composed of 43% sand, 37% silt and 20% thin and thick clay. Slightly basic pH, approximately 8. The temperatura,insolation, the rains and the soil assure a great vegetative development for the strains, an optimal growth and, at the end: a great quality wine.