Mas Vida is a small-scale winery project aims to recuperate the cultural landscape surrounding an old rectory and small chapel. The way we tend the vineyards and olive groves and our stewardship of the woodland consciously shape the environment. We believe that it is important to remember that our passage through this world is merely a drop of water in the ocean and we wish to leave it a better place than we found it.

Trial and error have taught us that the land gives back what it is given, which is why we treat it with utmost love and respect. We understand that there is a lot more to making organic wine and olive oil (CCPAE) than simply stopping using systemic products and herbicides, which is why we constantly strive to create living organic soil, we manage it with regenerative farming

All our wine is made with our own grapes, which travel just 500m from the vineyards to the winery. Each full bottle weighs under a kilo and its packaging is all sourced from suppliers within a 300-km range.


LOCATION: Cistella, Garrotxes d’Empordà

ESTATE SIZE: 7Ha of our own vineyards

ALTITUDE: 250m above sea level

SOIL: Clay-limestone (pH 7.8)

RAINFALL: 800mm per year

PRODUCTION: 10.000L per year