Guided tour in MasVida.
Come over! Come with your friends, your couple, your family, also with your parents in law or your aunt. We'll have a cultural tour around the XV century hermitage that is placed only 20 metres from the winery. We'll have a walk among the vineyards while the Tramuntana is blowing and we'll discover the day by day in the winery.

Wine and oil tastings in MasVida
Make your senses vibrate. We invite you to understand how we make our products by knowing us, by taking you home. You can taste us from the balcony with the Empordà plain under your feet or inside the winery while you observe our wine's sleep.
*We can also go wherever you ask us for and we can prepare you a different tasting, more personal, with our quality wines.

Pairing dinners in restaurants around the shire.
You can find MasVida wines among other exquisiteness. Let yourself go and enjoy.

In MasVida we search for waking up your sensations and letting you show us the artist inside you. Would you join us with some pictures? Good luck!

We organize a kayak tour across the Cap de Creus with our friends from SK KAYAK, once the tour is done, we offer you a taste with our wine and oil, by the seaside, as a prize for your effort! A shared luxury!

Gastronomical tours
Get your boots and come over the winery, we'll take you to a journey. We will suggest you some great tours you can do by foot, by bike or riding a horse. We'll finish the tour by visiting the winery and offering you a tasting with our wine and some products from the vicinity.

We're small but also brave! We try to be everywhere, any place where we can find you!

Fairs forecast

  • January – Fòrum Gastronòmic – Girona
  • May – Arrels del Vi – Sant Martí d'Empúries
  • June – Fira Tocs - Girona
  • August – Tasta Empordà – Castelló d'Empúries
  • September – Mostra de vi de l'Empordà – Figueres
  • September – Mostra de vins i caves – Barcelona
  • All the year – Vins de Tramuntana – Itinerant

Any suggestion? Do you have any crazy idea? We'll join you!