Friday, 8.00 pm. I'm out of the office and I want to disconnect. We agreed to meet up in a terrace with some friends. We order a cool MasVida 17. We chat, we laugh, we try to fix the world. I decide I am bringing this wine tomorrow, I have a lunch with my parents in law and they have told me they are cooking fish, I'm sure they will enjoy it.

Christmas. The office dinner. This year, being aware that these are difficult moments, we decide to make it in the office, everybody is bringing something, traditions are important! I am the one bringing the wine, a difficult decision! I don't want to be pretentious nor bringing any wine; also, it has to be from l'Empordà, from home! I'm bringing MasVida 23, I discovered it in a BBQ with some friends last Saturday. Done, it will cheer things up!

May 2013. It is a year before we get married. I booked a table in the smartest restaurant I can afford. I'm so nervous! However, I wait until the desserts to let the question drop. I can choose the wine (one of few things I can choose...!). I pick a MasVida 117. The answer is yes.

Autumn. 6.oo in the afternoon. I found myself sitted in my armchair with a glass of MasVida 32 in my hand, the bonfire draws its silouette. We talk about everyday's businesses, about our day by day... It's been so many years... so many experiences together. A sudden look. An aged beauty. The silence talking. I love you. Forever.