January. The strains are asleep. Trying not to make any noise, not to disturb them, we prune them in the winter. We take away the parts that are not needed. We keep it, it will light a great fire for the “calçots” (a seasonal vegetable that is cooked and eaten in Catalonia in the winter).

February. The strain, naked, without the dead wood weight and after the winter rest, is strong enough to sprout again.

March. The magic starts. The vineyard wakes up and it seems it is crying, of joy, of course! This crying is the magical moment when the new sap pushes the old one out of the plant and it flows like a tear.

April. The strains begin to bud, the first sprouts are born.

May. The green pruning starts. Carefully, we take out some sprouts from the strain and we take care that just a few sprouts are left in every plant. This way, new sprouts can grow healthy and strong, they have wind and sun enough to be feed properly.

June. The green pruning goes on. This is the key moment, the flowers start blooming. Peace and calm is needed in the vineyard.

July. The blooming ends up and everything tends to go faster. There a phenological state change: the grapes, small like peas, break, and here starts the veraison of the spring varieties. The veraison is when the grape changes its color, varying from green to yellow or from green to black.

August. The veraison is still taking place in the latest varieties. The grape matures. It is the harvest time of the white grape.

September. Harvest of the black varieties.

October. The calm and quiet come back after the maximum activity moments in the vineyard. The sap goes back inside the strains. A nutrient reservoir is created, a pantry to survive across the winter time and, above all, to be strong enough to sprout again next year.

November. The vineyard is painted with a variety of thousand different colors. The autumn dresses the vineyard. Leaves start falling down.

December. The strains are asleep, they take a winter break.
January. The strains are asleep. Trying not to make any noise...